Introduction to the Holy Days – Part 1

All Christians believe in the holy days of God. However most only understand the first 3 since they are the only ones that have already occurred. The last 4 are very important and the entire 7 taken together form the plan of God. This is part one of a series that will go through the importance of them and finally take each one at a time and explain their meaning.

Story of USA in the Bible

The story of how the physical blessing promised to Abraham were realized in the USA and Britain.  Follow the story of the two sons of Joseph, Ephraim and Manasseh and how they were prophesied to grow into a Great Nation and a Great Company of Nations (states).

Sabbath Contains the Prophetic Holy Days

Inside of the Sabbath you can find the holy days and the plan of God completely laid out for his children.  It was made for man and is a weekly reminder of the creation, the fall and salvation of man, the future 1000 year rest or Millennium, the rest the creation will experience and finally the “day of  the Lord” or the day without end.  Truly a remarkable set of

The Holy Days Contain God’s Plan for Man

Two part Sermon given during the Days of Unleavened Bread showing how the Holy Days outline the TIME line of God’s plan for mankind. Most churches have no problem understanding the plan of God from the Holy Days that have occured. However the future is lost to their understanding for they don’t look to the one that have yet to be fulfilled for answers.  

All Godly Families Kept the Sabbath

Learn how the first order of business with God when he calls someone is to introduce them to the Sabbath and Holy Days. This was true from Adam through the Fathers and prophets.  Since these days teach us the plan of God it is reasonable that you will find them being taught long before Mt.Sinai by God to his people.  They were to teach their children but in the new

What is the Everlasting Covenant

Was salvation available prior to the “new” covenant? What did scripture mean saying Christ would “Confirm the covenant”?   Gensis and Exodus show the administration of the covenant being changed several times as Israel sins.  If leaders failed the children paid the price so Israel developed a saying; “The father’s have eaten the sour grape but the children’s teeth are on edge”.  The better promises of Hebrews 8 is that God

Did Adam know about the Tree of Life?

Did Adam and Eve know about the Tree of Life before they took of the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil?  The answer may surprise you. It will help you understand the difference between the Old and New Covenant.  This sermon was given by Steve Sheppherd while he was pastor of the Elkhart Indiana congregation for UCG.    

The Covenant is key to Understanding

After going through the covenant material this sermon shows just how understanding the covenant is the only way you can understand the Bible. It is a vital key. Scriptures will come alive with fresh and deeper meaning proving again that every word is inspired and for our admonition.