Pentecost is for Christians

Contrary to what most Christians think, Pentecost, or Feast of the First Fruits is a vital day for us. It is a memorial of the receipt of the 10 commandments and the receiving of the Holy spirit by the church in Acts 2. But it is also a shadow of the resurrection of the church.

Holy Days Part II

Part II of the Holy Days or the Feasts of the Lord. ┬áIn this video Steve covers how many times bible prophecies sermons or Christ’s words are better understood when you realize what these days these messages occurred on. The messages are better understood in light of the holy days because the speaker was giving”meat in due season”.

Introduction to the Holy Days – Part 1

All Christians believe in the holy days of God. However most only understand the first 3 since they are the only ones that have already occurred. The last 4 are very important and the entire 7 taken together form the plan of God. This is part one of a series that will go through the importance of them and finally take each one at a time and explain their meaning.

Story of USA in the Bible

From the days of Jacob it was prophesied that two brothers would rule the world in the end times. The older would become a Great Nation. Yet the younger one would surpass the elder in power and stature becoming a “company of nations” or a group of united states. Truth is stranger than fiction